Submitting Artwork

The higher the quality of your image or logo, the higher the quality your printed garment will be.  We have outlined some helpful tips to ensure your order is of the highest quality.

Accepted File formats for Print &Embroidery

Preferred file formats:  EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG, AI
Accepted file formats:   JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF
For other file formats please contact us.
File formats already converted for embroidery will also be accepted.

TIP:        To check what file format your image is:-
If image is online, right click the image with your mouse, left click ‘Save target as’
Locate file on your computer, right click the file with your mouse, left click ‘properties’

Internet Images

DPI or Dots Per Inch is a term used to describe a measure of resolution.

Images downloaded from the internet are generally low quality, approximately 72 DPI.  Although we can reproduce these images on your garment, it is not recommended.  It is recommended that images are 150 DPI to ensure high quality printing.

Resizing your image

If you upload a low quality image to our Online Designer, please keep in mind once you resize the image, it may lose its quality although it still looks acceptable on screen. When printing this resized image or logo the quality can be greatly reduced.
TIP :       Open your image in Microsoft Word and print the image at its actual size.  Then resize the image to the size you think you’d require on a printed garment, print again.  Compare the quality difference to both sizes. As you will see, the larger image became blurred.


Any images uploaded must adhere to copyright laws. For further information please refer to our ‘Terms of Use’


All Things printed are PC based. Please convert your files accordingly if using a MAC.

If you have any queries when uploading your artwork, please feel free to contact us for assistance.