Guide to Pricing

There are many options to consider when we talk about pricing such as garmant type, the quantity required and colour of garment. Does your garmant require printing or embroidery?


How many printing positions do you require?

What sizes are the printing designs?

Is it a single colour print or full colour?

Printing in 1 position, in full or single colour of average size is approx €2.50 - €5.00


How many emboridery positions do you require?

What sizes are the embroidery designs (stitch count)?

Is it single colour or multi colour embroidery?

Embroidery in one position using one of our designs from our Artwork Galleries > Embroidery Artwork section is apporx €8.00.  Should you require your own design to be embroidered, this will incur an additional cost of approx €25 - €50 depending on design size, to have your design converted into a file format compatable with our embroidery machines.